CMJ Engineering - Construction Materials Testing

CMJ provides construction materials testing services and operates a full laboratory. The following tests are performed in accordance with ASTM E 329 requirements.

Foundation Observation
  • Foundation Material
  • Foundation Depth/Penetration
  • Proper Cleaning
  • Reinforcing Steel Size, Spacing, Tolerance
  • Concrete Placement
Concrete Field Testing
  • Molding Compressive and Flexural Strength Specimens
  • Entrained Air Content
  • Slump
  • Temperature
  • Unit Weight
  • Yield
  • Batch Plant Observation
  • Concrete Coring
Laboratory Concrete Tests
  • Compressive strength of concrete specimen
  • Flexural strength of concrete specimen
  • Compressive strength of concrete cores
  • Lab thickness of concrete cores
  • Aggregate sieve analysis
  • Specific gravity of aggregates
  • Review of mix designs
Soil Field Testing
  • In-place moisture density testing
  • In-place sieve analysis on soil-lime or soil-cement
  • In-place depth check of soil-lime or soil-cement
  • Lime or cement application inspection
  • Full-time earthwork inspection
Laboratory Soils Testing
  • Optimum moisture density tests (Proctor)
  • Atterberg limit tests
  • Lime series tests
  • Cement series tests
  • Soil sieve analysis
  • Soil hydrometer test
  • Soil classification test
Additional Services
  • General Steel Observation
  • Mortar Cube Fabrication
  • Proof Rolling Observation
  • Consultation-Sulfate-Induced Heaving
Inspection and Observation
  • Drilled Shaft Pier Inspection
  • Spread Footing Inspection
  • Reinforcing Steel Inspection
  • Water Line Slurry Inspection
  • Roofing Observation
  • Visual Structural Steel Inspection
  • Ultra-Sonic Weld Inspection