CMJ Engineering Case Study: Target Distribution Center

Client Name: Ryan Companies US, Inc.

Project Name: Target Distribution Center
Midlothian, Texas
Type of Work: Site selection evaluation; geotechnical investigation; construction materials testing consultation.

Scope: CMJ Engineering, Inc. performed preliminary geotechnical evaluations with the selected site being in Midlothian near Highway 67 at the intersection of Railport Parkway and Power Way. CMJ Engineering, Inc. performed the final investigation of the selected site, which was in the Eagle Ford formation. Massive cuts and fills were required to provide the pad grade.

CMJ Engineering, Inc. also participated in selection of the construction team. During construction, CMJ was the construction materials testing coordinator and continued to serve as geotechnical expert during the construction phase.

CMJ is proud to have served on the team to guide the geotechnical effort and consult on the construction materials testing phase of the project. Innovative methodologies for site preparation have proved successful in producing a floor slab that meets the stringent requirements of Target and Ryan Companies US, Inc.

Challenges: Challenges during the design effort included the appropriate foundation depth and bearing material for column loads, focusing on the appropriate expansive soil movement potential for onsite soils, establishing successful recommendations for the ground-supported floor slab, identifying the effects of massive cuts and fills on the expansive soil movement and rebound, and providing recommendations for paving to surround the structure.