CMJ Engineering Case Study: Centurion Homes

Client Name: Centurion American Custom Homes

Project Name: Resort on Eagle Mountain Lake
Tarrant County, Texas

Type of Work: Geotechnical Investigations, Consultation on Construction Excavations, and Construction Materials Testing.

Scope: The client was in the process of developing a 100+ acre site for upscale housing on a previous sand/gravel pit area. Selected areas of the site were relatively undisturbed; however, areas of the site also encompass fill soils in the present Phase 1 project area on the order of 2 to 10 feet. The work scope included performing exploration borings in the proposed lot areas, performing laboratory tests on selected soils for their moisture content, strength, classification, density, and expansive characteristics, digging test pits and performing insitu density tests on fill materials during and after placement, and providing recommendations for foundations for single-family housing construction. In addition, construction materials testing was accomplished in fill areas, roadways, and utility fill areas.

Challenges: Mr. Jackson particularly provided value engineering for the project in the pavement design and installation phases. By performing materials characterization onsite, he was able to isolate selected, preferable subgrade soils to be used under the pavement. By doing so, stabilization of the pavement subgrade was not required. This not only saved money but also provided a significant time savings to the project.

Mr. Jackson also was made available to individual structural engineers designing foundations for the various home sites. Close coordination of specific structural design details provide confidence to the structural engineers in maintaining the highest quality foundation type without causing excessive cost overruns.