CMJ Engineering Case Study: Motorola Campus Expansion

Client Name: Motorola, Inc.

Project Name: Motorola, Campus Expansion
Fort Worth, Texas

Type of Work: Geotechnical Investigation and Construction Materials Testing of a three-phased expansion program for its Paging Facility, and performing consultation regarding below-grade water conditions and excess water in the slab areas.

Scope: The geotechnical investigations included exploration borings/sampling, laboratory testing for classification, moisture content, density, strength, and expansive characteristics of the soils, foundation type, depth, and allowable loading, and recommendations for pond construction, liner construction, excavations, and lateral earth pressures for below-grade walls. The projects varied in size from 50,000 to 300,000 square feet in new office/production area.

Challenges: In addition to the above, Mr. Jackson also was consulted regarding a slope movement on the north campus side and excess water/vapor coming though the floor slab in previous areas of the building. Through the floor slab testing, interior boring/sampling/monitor well installations, and review of underground utilities, it was established that selected underground roof drain pipes were inappropriately constructed, causing a back up of water and seepage of water through joints that caused the excessive moisture and vapor. This evidence was established and presented to the client, who provided a rectification of the problem and has since received no further excess vapor problems through the concrete slab.