CMJ Engineering Case Study: Federal Express

Client Name: FedEx

Project Name: FedEx, Alliance Airport Hub
Fort Worth, Texas

Type of Work: Geotechnical Investigation and Construction Materials Testing.

Scope: FedEx established a major HUB at Alliance Airport in North Fort Worth, Texas and required geotechnical investigations, construction materials testing, and detailed pavement design for various traffic. Mr. Jackson was responsible for exploration borings/laboratory testing/engineering analyses for various phases of the FedEx Expansion. Alternative methodologies to reduce movements to ground-supported floor systems were tested in the field and the most economical process was recommended and provided in construction. In addition, innovative designs for aircraft paving were coordinated with local cement producers and a cement modified clay subgrade was produced as the most cost effective, value-oriented pavement subgrade stabilization technique.

Challenges: Mr. Jackson worked closely with concrete producers in providing top quality concrete pavements. Construction Materials Testing technicians also closely watched and monitored the entire construction process from foundation installation to expansive soil remediation to pavement placement. A full-time coordinator of construction testing was established on the project in order to achieve close coordination of testing with the contractor and immediate results-oriented testing.