CMJ Engineering Case Study: Tarrant County

Client Name: Tarrant County, Public Works

Project Name: Family Law Center and Parking Garage
Fort Worth, Texas

Type of Work: Geotechnical Investigation of an approximate 4- to 8-story structure with several basement levels in downtown Fort Worth.

Scope: It was requested to perform detailed geotechnical investigations for multi-story buildings with two- to three-story basement levels, in which the basement levels also would be connected under an existing street via a tunnel. Geotechnical drilling consisted of 8 exploration borings drilled to depths of 35 to 60 feet, performing laboratory testing on soils and rock for strength, expansibility, moisture content, density, and classification, performing engineering analyses for foundation type, depth, and allowable loading, lateral pressures on below-grade walls, recommendations for dewatering below grade walls, pavement design information, and information about tunneling and construction.

Challenges: The work was required to be done on a fast-track schedule to be able to meet certain necessary guidelines of the Tarrant County Commissioners Court. Mr. Jackson met with the architects and engineers to confirm the work scope and provide preliminary information, coordinated closely with Tarrant County Officials regarding access and underground utilities, and provided preliminary design information to the design parties prior to completion of the written report. In addition, during drilling phases, petroleum hydrocarbons were noted in selected borings and produced a challenging opportunity on the schedule and project definition. Mr. Jackson immediately consulted environmental experts, the drilling was continued, and the County was provided with fast-tracked, competent technical environmental advice and recommendations.