CMJ Engineering Case Study: Veteran Affairs

Client Name: United States Department of Veteran Affairs

Project Name: DFW National Cemetery
Dallas, Texas

Type of Work: Geotechnical Investigation

Scope: The United States Department of Veteran Affairs was in the process of developing a new National Cemetery in southwest Dallas, Texas. The project features included lawn crypts, committal stations, roadways and service roads, an assembly area, and a pond. Subsurface soil conditions were complicated by highly plastic, active soils which possess negative structural features in slopes. Mr. Jackson was responsible for performing exploration borings, test pits, performing laboratory testing for strength, expansibility, classification, density, and moisture content, checked the onsite soils for lime-induced subgrade heaving potential, and provided various recommendations for roadways, ponds, structures, and excavations.

Challenges: Mr. Jackson also was requested to present creative solutions to burial options which would prevent the commonly noted settlement problems in other National Cemeteries. By providing an innovative design of underground vaults that could be installed during the construction process, coupled with special structure techniques for the verticality of headstones, Mr. Jackson was able to provide extremely high reduction in cost of maintenance, both daily and throughout the life of the project, reduction in equipment costs required to pulva-mix soils during the life of the project, and essentially eliminated settlement problems associated with the previous cemetery designs. These innovative ideas also have reduced the number of personnel required to be on the project site from the viewpoint of long-term maintenance.